Miles Fucks His Sister


Starring Jessi Summers and Miles

Jessi loves her brother Miles. He’s so strong and sexy. She’s so lucky to have a brother like him. She loves to show him how much she loves him. She starts by sucking his giant hard cock. She licks it and holds it with her hand as she sucks on the head.

Then she starts to take off her clothes to show him her hot body. She has huge perky tits and sexy curves that he just loves. She’s wearing his favorite lingerie just for him and she wants him to see it. He loves her thigh high fishnets stockings and her sexy high heels. She gets on her knees and keeps sucking his dick and then he starts sucking on her titties. He loves her tits. They’re so supple and perfect.

Then he watches as she touches herself, until she wraps her tits around his cock and fucks him with her titties. He can’t take it any more so he grabs her and brings her into the bedroom. He starts to finger bang her, and then licks her pussy as he fingers her as she grabs her tits, her legs spread wide open. Then he fucks her all over the bedroom in several different positions until he cums.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Sister, Brother, Siblings, Blow Jobs, Nipple Sucking, Lingerie, Masturbation, Titty Fucking, Fingering, Pussy Eating, Thigh Highs, Fishnets, Ball Sucking.


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Home From Summer Camp


Starring Mona Wales and Rock

Mona has just gotten back from summer camp and she’s really excited to see her brother. He’s just been lazing around the house while she’s been gone. He’s in the middle of a nap when she bounces in talking of hikes and summer fun. She crawls into bed with him and asks him to rub her feet. He’s still sleepy, but she shoves her feet in his face, teasing him for being so lazy and whining that her feet needs his attention.

He finally gives in and starts rubbing her feet. They chat and catch up, and she starts nagging him to find a job since she’s been letting him crash at her place and she wants him to contribute. But he’s just so lazy and doesn’t really feel like getting a job. She keeps shoving her feet in his face, flirting and shoving her butt in his face.

She starts to pout because she hasn’t had any camp romances this year, and she’s jealous that her brother has been on so many dates. She decides to show him her tan lines, so she takes off her shirt. He makes it a little weird, and blushes, but she doesn’t stop there. She takes off her shorts and pulls down her panties to show him her butt crack.

She shoves her ass in his face, telling him to smell it, and he does and starts to tickle her. He starts to lick her and she gets into it. And now she wants a little more. They make a deal, that he can give her some other services for letting him stay at his place.

He starts to caress her, and then suck her nipples. His sister is so beautiful. She orders him to take out his dick and starts to suck it. She feels so good with her lips tight around his dick. Then she sits on his face and he eats her pussy until he lifts her up and flips her around, so they can 69 while they’re standing.

He fucks her hard, all over the bedroom in various positions, releasing all the built up passion they’ve had brewing for each other until he cums into her mouth as she throws her head back and sticks out her tongue.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Brother, Sister, Siblings, Foot Fetish, Foot Rubs, Foot Smelling, 69, Blow Jobs, Face Sitting, Pussy Eating, Lift & Carry, Tickling, Fucking, Cumshot, Swallowing.


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Birthday Plans


Starring Emma Evins and Miles

Emma wants to do something special for her daddy. It’s his birthday today and he took the day off work but has nothing planned beyond staying at home and reading his favorite novels. She cuddles up to him, and they have a little bonding time. He makes sure she hasn’t been getting into trouble at school for going behind the bleachers. What a naughty girl! But she assures him she hasn’t, because she wants to keep it at home so she won’t get in trouble any more. He’s not really sure what she means and a little skeptical when she starts to come on to him.

He’s always said his baby looks just like her mom, and he hasn’t really had any action since she’s been gone. She wants to please him for his birthday and do something special for him. He takes a little bit of convincing, because he thinks t wouldn’t be appropriate. He tells her to stop, but she starts to get heated. She always gets what she wants, and this is no exception. So she takes off her panties and shoves them in his mouth, telling him to shut up. Then she pushes him down on the couch and sits on his face.

That definitely shuts him up, now that he’s got a mouthful of pussy. He doesn’t protest, licking her clit as she grinds against his mouth, moaning in pleasure. He eats her pussy for a while but then he picks her up and carries her over to her bedroom. He finishes eating her out as she moans and squirms all around the bed.

Then they both take off the rest of their clothes and she starts to suck his dick. She loves to please her daddy. She wants to make him feel good on his special day. He fucks her in several different positions until he cums on her chest. Then he wipes it up with his finger and she licks it off. She loves her daddy.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy, Daughter, Daddy Talk, Fucking, Blow Jobs, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, Cum Shot.


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Daddy’s Young Glory Hole


Starring Nickey Huntsman and Rock

Nickey is hanging out in the kitchen by herself ready a dirty novel and it starts to turn her on. She’s getting really wet and she just has to touch herself. She starts rubbing her pussy and grinding her hips against her fingers as she moans. She’s really getting hot and wet when her dad walks in and catches her.

He’s upset because the kitchen is a mess and she’s reading dirty novels and she just got suspended from school. They start to fight because he doesn’t approve of her behavior but she’s not taking him seriously. So he bends her over and starts spanking her. He wants to teach her a lesson. But she just isn’t learning it.

So he turns to another method of teaching her a lesson and pulls out his cock for her to suck. He sits in the chair she was touching herself in earlier and she gets on her knees. She starts sucking his dick, using her hands as he holds her hair back. She feels so good with her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick so he wants more.

He pulls off her shirt and bends her over the table, pulling her panties down to her ankles. Then he slips his cock inside. He starts fucking his baby girl hard, flips her over with her legs up in the air and fucks her some more. But he wants to cum in her mouth, so he gets back on the chair and she keeps sucking his dick, licking the head and gripping the shaft until he cums in her mouth and she swallows.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjobs, Fucking, Taboo, Cum Swallowing, Daughter, Daddy, Family, Younger/Older, Masturbation.

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