Do Your Chores


Starring Katarina Kay and Rock

Katarina has been neglecting her chores. She doesn’t want to do them! It’s no fun! But the house is a mess and her uncle isn’t very happy about it. He’s letting her stay with him for a while, and she’s supposed to pull her weight in return. She knows what she’s supposed to do, she just doesn’t feel like it.

He doesn’t wanna be the bad guy, but he needs to make her do her chores. He wants her to take out the trash and do the dishes. But she’s too pretty to take out the trash. She has other chores in mind… Well. He is horny. And his brother’s daughter is HOT. As long as she’s working for it, it doesn’t matter how she helps out around the house.

He pulls out his cock and she licks it. Gingerly at first, but then she gets into it. She sucks his dick as they both moan. That feels good. Now it’s her turn. They take off their clothes and he grabs her thighs, stuffing his face between them. He presses his tongue hard against her pussy and she moans with pleasure, grabbing his head as he eats her out. Then he fucks her from behind for a while before he gets an idea.

He has never fucked her against the wall before. He lifts up her leg and starts to pound into her. That feels good too! She’s so tight, it’s amazing. Then they fuck in a few more positions as she rubs her clit and moans until he cums all over her chest. She’s so proud that she can please her uncle like that. Now he can go take out the trash, satisfied.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Blowjobs, Uncle, Niece, Younger/Older, Family, Fucking, Cumshot.


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