Missy’s Foot Slave


Starring Missy

I get home from work and my girlfriend Missy is sitting on the couch. She’s such a sexy girl. She keeps fidgeting though, touching her hair and stretching as we talk about our days. She’s not really sure what she wants to do and seems like there’s something on her mind so I ask her. She says she’s a little frustrated with our relationship. She’s kind of unhappy. This is news to me. I give her everything. What more does she want??

So I finally work it out of her. She’s been hanging out with her friend Samantha again. She starts rubbing her feet on my thigh as she tells me. She’s found a new interest. She starts to touch my dick with her feet. She’s saying she wants to explore new areas. She tells me she wants a foot slave. She wants me to be her foot slave. She wants me to pamper her by painting her toenails and licking my feet. I’m not sure about this, but she’s so sexy, so I give in. I kneel down on the floor and start to paint her toenails. I paint all of them and lick her toes just like she wants me to.

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I Want To Learn


Starring Darcie Belle and Javier

Javier is at home rubbing one out when his little sister walks in. He freaks out and tries to tuck it in his pants but she definitely saw that he was doing something weird. She asks him what he’s doing and he tries to tell her nothing but she knows that’s not true. He’s not supposed to be doing that.

But she wants to learn more. She asks him to teach her. He agrees and places her hand on his already hard cock. He shows her how to jerk him off. She does her best. Then he tells her to kiss it. She giggles, but leans down and kisses the tip gently. Then she decides she likes it so she wraps her lips around it. She keeps going with this. She likes it.

Then she takes her dress off and her bra. She’s got a really sexy body. Its nice having such a hot sister. Javier kisses down her torso till he gets to her pussy and starts to lick her clit. He eats her out, then fingers her while she rubs her clit. This is a great learning experience for her. She loves that her big brother is the one to teach her.

Then it’s his turn again, so she puts his cock back in her mouth and sucks his dick some more. She’s getting really good at this! Hopefully she’ll get lots more practice in the future.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Brother, Sister, Siblings, Masturbation, Instruction, Blowjobs, Hand Jobs, Fingering, Pussy Eating, Oral Sex, Reciprocation, Living Room.


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Uncle Education


Starring Alice Whyte and Rock

There’s been some rumors around campus that Alice is in need of a little extracurricular education. Luckily her uncle, Rock, works at the college as a counselor so he brings her in to discuss this. She’s a bit tight-laced and doesn’t really know how to loosen up. So he decides to help her out a little. She has a hard time saying the word “penis.” She’s a sex-ed teacher at this school and she really needs to become more comfortable with this stuff.

He helps her role play so that he can help acquaint her with all this better. He starts to loosen up, tells her to undo a button. She complies but she seems very nervous. He has her stand up and they start to talk about anatomy and sex. He pretends to be a kid in her class and asks her some questions about sex, but she isn’t doing very well. She’s answering very vaguely and she’s clearly uncomfortable.

Rock realizes he needs to take this lesson to the next level. He unbuttons both of their shirts, telling her to relax. They continue their role playing. Alice tries to cover herself but he keeps uncovering her. Keeping her relaxed. He takes her shirt off, then her skirt. She’s worried that it isn’t appropriate. But he’s her uncle! He takes off his shirt too, so she sees it’s not a big deal. He says it’s like they’re at the pool.

They continue role playing, then he has her hold his dick. She freaks out. This is so wrong! She’s a virgin, but she needs hands-on experience. But he calms her down and tells her to continue stroking his dick. She’s worried she’s not doing it right but he just has her keep doing it. Then he instructs her to lick it. She’s hesitant at first, but he gives her good instructions. He tells her to lick it like a lollipop, then suck the whole thing in her mouth.

Then he takes off her panties and spreads her legs. She covers her vagina. She’s not sure if she wants to do this. But she really needs to learn. So he has her lay down on his desk and open her legs. He slowly slides his dick into her, so that she isn’t totally alarmed by the feeling. But she quickly takes to liking it. She moans as he pounds his dick inside her.

He pounds her, grabbing her tits, she moans, her breath caught in her lungs. This is a really good education. They fuck standing for a while, then he moves over to the couch in his office. She sits on his giant throbbing cock and rides it. They fuck until they cum. She lays on the floor touching herself, reveling in how good that felt…but then she looks around and realized what just happened. She slaps him, gathers her clothes and leaves.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Uncle, Niece, Prude, Virgin, Blowjob, Fucking, Deflowering, Role Play, Instructional, Educational, Inexperience.


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