There Cums A Time

Starring Karma Leone and Rock Bottom

Karma is hanging out in her room and she gets a very naughty idea. She rummages through a night table and pulls out a vibrator. She leans back and rubs it on her tight little pussy. It feels so good! She takes off her shorts and puts the vibrator back on as the waves of pleasure radiate throughout her tiny body.

Her father enters after hearing her playing around thinking she was playing with Barbie’s. He sees the cord to the vibrator and become suspicious. He pulls the nightstand open and find the vibrator.

He pulls back the covers and sits down, he needs to have a talk with her. He tells her that there is nothing wrong with using a vibrator but he needs to have a sex talk with her. Since her mom isn’t around anymore he shows her how to use it and makes her cum harder than she ever has.

He tells her that she can do it anytime she wants and tells her that it is her bedtime and it is time to settle in for the night.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Father, Daughter Family, Taboo, Incest, Vibrator, Pussy Rubbing, Cumming, Orgasm

Presented in 1280×720 High Definition MP4 Format

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