Wake Up and Play

“Wake Up and Play”

Starring Audrey Holiday 

Audrey is fast asleep in bed when the sound of her Daddy coming home drunk echoes through the house. His footsteps creep closer to her room and he calls out to her in a slurred voiced. Despite the commotion, Audrey is still sleeping, breathing softly, when her Dad enters the room.

Taking a swig of his booze, he admires Audrey’s shape through the sheets. He pulls back her blanket to reveal her dainty feet. The site of his little girl’s cute feet always makes him hard. Emboldened, he moves the sheets aside further so he can examine Audrey’s adorable ass.

Audrey’s eyes flutter as she wakes up with a start. “Dad! What are you doing? I have to sleep. I have school tomorrow!”, she protests. She hates when Daddy wakes her up drunk and horny… it’s SO annoying! Before she realizes what’s happening, Daddy is naked and on her bed. “It’s not my fault you’re so hot!”, he replied, “Well… maybe it is…”

Audrey strokes her Daddy’s rock hard cock as he gropes her ass. His fingers graze her pussy lips and she begins to give in to the experience. Knowing what her Daddy needs, Audrey takes his cock in her mouth and slurps up and down the thick shaft. Her lips glide up the length of his meat as drool drips down her chin. Daddy can only take so much of this! Soon he erupts with a groan, shooting hot cum down lil’ Audrey’s throat. Satisfied, the old drunk stumbles off to bed. Audrey swallows the hot load and rolls over to get back to sleep.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Groping, Foot Fetish, Hand Job, Blow Job, Drool, Taboo, Body Views, Foot Views.

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