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Showering With Mary Jane

“Showering With Mary Jane”

Starring Mary Jane

Brown-haired buxom beauty Mary Jane is about to take a quick shower in her hotel room before meeting her father for lunch. She strips out of her voluminous robe, exposing her impressive jugs, thin waist, and sexy ass. She steps into the luxurious hotel shower, taking notice of the multiple shower heads shooting jets of soothing hot water. A mischievous smile cracks across her face as she takes the detachable shower head and gingerly aims it at her naughty pussy.

It feels soooo good! Mary Jane has been horny all week and the powerful massaging jets are working wonders on her throbbing clit. She takes hold of her massive breast with one hand and she braces herself for what should be a tremendous orgasm. Uh oh! It seems her Daddy got tired of waiting in the lobby and came up to check on his tardy daughter. He turns the corner into the bathroom and he can’t believe his eyes: his sweet little girl treating her body like an amusement park.

Mary Jane is mortified when she sees her Daddy and immediately exits the shower, donning her robe. The horny old man hasn’t seen enough though. He gets naked and coaxes his big-titted daughter back into the shower. If she wants to be a little slut, he’ll show her the ropes. He takes the detachable shower head and works it masterfully on his little girl’s naughty twat. Mary looks down to see her Daddy’s big hard cock staring up at her. Daddy orders her to stroke it while he uses the water jet on her pussy and plays with her incredible boobs. Before long, lil Mary is coated in her Daddy’s hot cum and in dire need of another shower!

Fetish Elements: Graphic Sexual Content, Stripping, Nudity, Taboo, Daddy/Daughter, Showering, Masturbation, Groping, Hand Job, Cum Shot, Body Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

Bitch Slap Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

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Can I Help You Relax, Daddy?


Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

Kiki is taking a shower and starts to get really horny. She starts to touch herself, feeling her pussy with her fingers, rubbing her clit, fingering herself. But she just can’t make herself cum. She starts to get frustrated and just decides to get out of the shower. She dries off and wraps her hair in the towel and puts on a tank top and some white cotton panties.

When she goes into the living room she sees her daddy sprawled out on the couch in his scrubs. It’s been a long day at the hospital and he’s really tired. She offers to give him a massage. She starts rubbing his back, and then tells him to turn over so she can massage his thighs. She rubs him as she talks to him about her day. Then she tells him to take off his pants. She knows what he likes.

He agrees to take off his pants, but just for the massage. But she starts to give him bedroom eyes. She loves touching her dad. She starts to get really into it and then puts her mouth on his dick. She gives him a blowjob as she moans. He’s so turned on by this he tells her to get on her hands and knees so he can lick her pussy from behind.

Then he slides his cock inside his baby girl. He pounds his dick into her as she moans, the towel falls off her head. They fuck all over the couch, in different positions. He kisses her and fucks her and she sucks his dick.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy, Daughter, Fucking, Shower, Masturbation, Pussy Eating, Massage, Kissing, Foot Views, Body Views.


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Shower Time Fun


Shower Time Fun

Starring Emma Evins and Rock

Emma is taking a shower after a long day. She loves to shower and since she’s home alone (or so she thinks) she decides to take one in her mom’s shower. She leaves the door open, giggling as she lathers herself with the luxurious body soap. She doesn’t hear her stepfather come in. He slips out of his clothes, enticed by her sexy body covered in soap and water.

He steps into the shower and Emma panics, asking him what he’s doing there and if her mom knows. He assures her that she doesn’t know and tells her to relax. He’s seen her looking at him. He knows she wants him. She relaxes and goes with it. He’s right. She has been looking at him. She’s always had a thing for oder men. They start to kiss and he touches her pussy. It’s already wet from the shower.

Then she gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob, sucking his dick because she loves it, letting the water spray her from above. Soon he can’t take it anymore and needs to fuck her so he flips her around and she puts her leg up on the shower wall for better leverage. He fucks her hard and she loves it. Then they get out of the shower, and he carries her over to the dryer and sits her on top, pounding her tight pussy. He picks her up and holds her while he stands and she bounces on his dick, moaning in pleasure, then he places her back on the dryer and fucks her until he finishes and cums on her belly.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Blow Jobs, Shower, Family, Step Father, Step Daughter, Fucking, Lift & Carry.


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My Daughter’s Foot Show

My Daughter’s Foot Show

Pepper’s Dad has asked her several times in the past if she’d be willing to give a little foot show to the camera. Finally after months of waiting, Pepper finally agrees.

First it starts with some simple stretching and massaging of her feet. She’s flexible and patient with her stretching to the point it’ll make you feel relaxed just watching. She’s very nimble as she slowly stretches every limb of her body with her feet in front and toes puckered out.

She easily lifts her feet toward her face and begins licking her toes. What starts with some simple licking and mouthing, turns into more aggressive sucking and slurping of her entire foot and toes, not missing a single webbing.

She starts to rub her pussy over her tight fitted jeans, while still keeping her toes in her mouth. Soon both her foot and pussy are getting very wet. She removes her jeans, and gets on her back. She brings her foot to her mouth and rubs her clit thru her panties. She moans and moans until she needs some air.

She then reaches for her pink vibrator, and turns it on high. She tickles her pale feet, rubbing it thru all of her toes giggling at the sensation. Then she brings the vibrator to her pussy and begins rubbing up and down. She’s so agile that she grips the vibrator with her feet and begins to fuck herself as she rubs on her clit and pinches her nipples with two free hands. She thrusts the vibrator in and out of her pussy using her two feet as good as hands. She starts to moan louder and louder as she begins to drip, achieving a loud and vocal climax.

She’s exhausted from that performance, and decides to go take a warm shower. She starts by soaping her entire body up, smoothly gracing her cunt and every crevice of her figure with warm suds. She flexes and raises her legs like a ballerina, smearing her tits and ass against the glass. She undoes young and beautiful braids from her red hair, and begins to use shampoo. She washes her hair and tickles her wet nipples. She lathers up a nice brush and begins to scrub the bottoms and webs of her feet to keep her skin young and smooth.

She turns off the water and wrings her hair out. She walks out the shower and greets her father. It sounds like everyone enjoyed the show.

Fetish Elements: Foot Show, Foot Fetish, Sole Rubbing, Self Toe Sucking, Stripping, Masturbating, Self Foot Licking, Red Head, Nudity, Showering, Foot Massaging, Soapy Body, Peeping, Foot Views

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