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Blow Jobbin’

March 14, 2015 by admin | 0 comments

Blow Jobbin’

Starring Loni Legend, Jessi Summers, and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

So, I am hanging out with my girlfriend, Loni, and she is rubbing all over me, her hands go down toward my cock, and I’m into it, just my mom is due home any minute. Loni assures me it will be quick, so I start to take my pants off.

She takes her shirt off and starts to suck my cock, and I just can’t take it anymore, so I pick her up and take her to the bed and start to fuck her real good, I make her scream and moan and cum as I pound her tight pussy.

She gets up and starts to clean up my cock when my mom comes in. My mom is pretty…unique, she is very protective, and insists I date girls who give good head, so she starts to teach Loni how to suck my dick properly.

Embarrassing as it is, it was still very hot having my hot young girlfriend AND mom sucking on my cock!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Blow Job, Fucking, Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Ball Sucking, Hand Job, Double Blow Job, Drool, Gagging, Girlfriend, Mom, Son, Mom/Son, Family, Role Play

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My Tight Hot Mama

February 12, 2015 by admin | 0 comments

My Tight Hot Mama

So, I was feeling a little down, laying in my bed, my girlfriend just broke up with me, and I was just devastated. My mom comes in wearing nothing but a nightie, so hot, and she tries to cheer me up.

She runs her hand along my body, then we start to kiss, she takes my cock out and starts to suck it, I lay her back and start to pound her tight pussy, I fuck her in a number of positions, then I lay back and she starts to suck my cock again.

I pull her on top of me and fuck her some more, before laying her down and railing her until I cum in her hot tight wet pussy

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Blow Job, Kissing, Lingerie, Older Woman, Younger Male, Fucking, Nudity, Mommy, Son, Mommy Talk, Family, Role Play

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