Missy’s Foot Slave


Starring Missy

I get home from work and my girlfriend Missy is sitting on the couch. She’s such a sexy girl. She keeps fidgeting though, touching her hair and stretching as we talk about our days. She’s not really sure what she wants to do and seems like there’s something on her mind so I ask her. She says she’s a little frustrated with our relationship. She’s kind of unhappy. This is news to me. I give her everything. What more does she want??

So I finally work it out of her. She’s been hanging out with her friend Samantha again. She starts rubbing her feet on my thigh as she tells me. She’s found a new interest. She starts to touch my dick with her feet. She’s saying she wants to explore new areas. She tells me she wants a foot slave. She wants me to be her foot slave. She wants me to pamper her by painting her toenails and licking my feet. I’m not sure about this, but she’s so sexy, so I give in. I kneel down on the floor and start to paint her toenails. I paint all of them and lick her toes just like she wants me to.

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