Schoolgirl Education


Schoolgirl Education

6 sexy girl are in sex education class. Ms. Cunt teaches them how to pleasure themselves. First, she demonstrates on herself, rubbing herself though the fabric of her clothing, then spreading her legs and rubbing her wet pussy though her see-through pantyhose.

Now she goes around and teaches the other girls to do it, tutoring them how to rub and fondle themselves. The girls are all rubbing and feeling good. They rub their little wet pussies through the thing material of panties, or pantyhose. Ms. Cunt walks around and helps them, sometimes rubbing them with her hands.

Finally, she has all the girls come up and encourages them to fondle, rub and kiss each others. They rub each others pussies through panties and pantyhose. They suck tits, and kiss each other on lips and pussies. And while all this is happening, two male students are hiding around the corner, watching and jacking off to this lezbo schoolgirl extravaganza.

Fetish Elements: Schoolgirl, Pantyhose, Shear Fabric Fetish, Lesbian, Kissing, Fondling, Rubbing.

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