Can I Help You Relax, Daddy?


Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

Kiki is taking a shower and starts to get really horny. She starts to touch herself, feeling her pussy with her fingers, rubbing her clit, fingering herself. But she just can’t make herself cum. She starts to get frustrated and just decides to get out of the shower. She dries off and wraps her hair in the towel and puts on a tank top and some white cotton panties.

When she goes into the living room she sees her daddy sprawled out on the couch in his scrubs. It’s been a long day at the hospital and he’s really tired. She offers to give him a massage. She starts rubbing his back, and then tells him to turn over so she can massage his thighs. She rubs him as she talks to him about her day. Then she tells him to take off his pants. She knows what he likes.

He agrees to take off his pants, but just for the massage. But she starts to give him bedroom eyes. She loves touching her dad. She starts to get really into it and then puts her mouth on his dick. She gives him a blowjob as she moans. He’s so turned on by this he tells her to get on her hands and knees so he can lick her pussy from behind.

Then he slides his cock inside his baby girl. He pounds his dick into her as she moans, the towel falls off her head. They fuck all over the couch, in different positions. He kisses her and fucks her and she sucks his dick.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy, Daughter, Fucking, Shower, Masturbation, Pussy Eating, Massage, Kissing, Foot Views, Body Views.


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