Daddy’s Young Glory Hole


Starring Nickey Huntsman and Rock

Nickey is hanging out in the kitchen by herself ready a dirty novel and it starts to turn her on. She’s getting really wet and she just has to touch herself. She starts rubbing her pussy and grinding her hips against her fingers as she moans. She’s really getting hot and wet when her dad walks in and catches her.

He’s upset because the kitchen is a mess and she’s reading dirty novels and she just got suspended from school. They start to fight because he doesn’t approve of her behavior but she’s not taking him seriously. So he bends her over and starts spanking her. He wants to teach her a lesson. But she just isn’t learning it.

So he turns to another method of teaching her a lesson and pulls out his cock for her to suck. He sits in the chair she was touching herself in earlier and she gets on her knees. She starts sucking his dick, using her hands as he holds her hair back. She feels so good with her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick so he wants more.

He pulls off her shirt and bends her over the table, pulling her panties down to her ankles. Then he slips his cock inside. He starts fucking his baby girl hard, flips her over with her legs up in the air and fucks her some more. But he wants to cum in her mouth, so he gets back on the chair and she keeps sucking his dick, licking the head and gripping the shaft until he cums in her mouth and she swallows.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjobs, Fucking, Taboo, Cum Swallowing, Daughter, Daddy, Family, Younger/Older, Masturbation.

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