Dippin’ With Dad

Dippin’ With Dad

Ashlyn has had a long tough day at school, so as soon as she gets home she throws on a bathing suit and jumps in the hot tub.

As she sits there relaxing, her hand moves down to her tight pussy and she starts to finger herself, she’s getting hotter and hotter, and doesn’t hear her dad come up and get in the tub.

She’s shocked and embarrassed, but even more so when her dad takes out his cock and starts stroking it. She’s of course seen cocks before, but never like her fathers, and she goes back to masturbating.

She crawls over and starts to suck her dads cock, taking it deep into her mouth, they then get out of the tub and she gets on her knees and sucks his cock some more until he cums all over her face!

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Blow Job, Masturbation, Fingering, Stripping, Facial, Nudity, Cumshot, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Dad, Daughter, Pornstars, Family, Role Play

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