Getting Over Him By Getting Under My Sis

Getting Over Him By Getting Under My Sis

Zoey and Victoria are very close, as sisters should be, and Zoey was very upset to come home and see Victoria crying, even more upset to find out she is crying over a boy, so she decides to help her sister forget about boys altogether.

She starts by hugging her, closely, then gives her a couple of kisses, before long, Victoria is naked and Zoey is licking her sweet pussy.

She teases her, sucking on her nipples, fingering and licking her pussy, then grabs a hitachi, then starts to rub it on her. She joins the fun, scissoring her sister with the hitachi between them.

Zoey make Victoria cum again and again, so Victoria returns the favor, rubbing the vibrator on her sisters pussy making her twitch, then licking her up and down.

Zoey thanks her sister for the fun, but returns to the task of cheering Victoria up, she licks, vibrates and fingers her tight pussy to a mind blowing orgasm. What are sisters for anyway?

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Lesbian, Kissing, Sisters, Siblings, Vibrators, Pussy Licking, Orgasms, Role Play

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