I Want To Learn


Starring Darcie Belle and Javier

Javier is at home rubbing one out when his little sister walks in. He freaks out and tries to tuck it in his pants but she definitely saw that he was doing something weird. She asks him what he’s doing and he tries to tell her nothing but she knows that’s not true. He’s not supposed to be doing that.

But she wants to learn more. She asks him to teach her. He agrees and places her hand on his already hard cock. He shows her how to jerk him off. She does her best. Then he tells her to kiss it. She giggles, but leans down and kisses the tip gently. Then she decides she likes it so she wraps her lips around it. She keeps going with this. She likes it.

Then she takes her dress off and her bra. She’s got a really sexy body. Its nice having such a hot sister. Javier kisses down her torso till he gets to her pussy and starts to lick her clit. He eats her out, then fingers her while she rubs her clit. This is a great learning experience for her. She loves that her big brother is the one to teach her.

Then it’s his turn again, so she puts his cock back in her mouth and sucks his dick some more. She’s getting really good at this! Hopefully she’ll get lots more practice in the future.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Brother, Sister, Siblings, Masturbation, Instruction, Blowjobs, Hand Jobs, Fingering, Pussy Eating, Oral Sex, Reciprocation, Living Room.


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