Mom Shows Daughter How To Clean A Rim

Mom Shows Daughter How To Clean A Rim

It’s my daughter Willow’s birthday, so I wanted to get her something special. I told her to cover her eyes and follow me.

I led her to the bathroom, so that her dad didn’t hear anything, and with her eyes closed, I plugged in my favorite toy, a Hitachi and put it on her pussy.

She was shocked at first, but ultimately enjoyed the vibrations, I started to tell her all the sexy things she could so by herself, with a boy, or a girl, and started getting hot myself.

I lifted up my skirt and press my pussy against the vibrator that was on her pussy, then got down and started to lick her tight pussy.

I started to finger her, then asked if she’s ever had her asshole licked, I got behind her and started to tongue her tight little hole while she vibrated herself to orgasm.

I figured, as a mother, not only should I teach her all the ways she can get off, but also how to get others off as well, So I took the vibrator and put it on my pussy while she licked my asshole until I came to a massive orgasm.

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