My Tight Hot Mama

My Tight Hot Mama

So, I was feeling a little down, laying in my bed, my girlfriend just broke up with me, and I was just devastated. My mom comes in wearing nothing but a nightie, so hot, and she tries to cheer me up.

She runs her hand along my body, then we start to kiss, she takes my cock out and starts to suck it, I lay her back and start to pound her tight pussy, I fuck her in a number of positions, then I lay back and she starts to suck my cock again.

I pull her on top of me and fuck her some more, before laying her down and railing her until I cum in her hot tight wet pussy

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Blow Job, Kissing, Lingerie, Older Woman, Younger Male, Fucking, Nudity, Mommy, Son, Mommy Talk, Family, Role Play

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