Sex Ed For Daddy’s Little Girl

Sex Ed For Daddy’s Little Girl

So I got home from work early today, my daughter Penny was supposed to be home, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I heard the jacuzzi outside, so went to see what she was doing and was shocked to see her in the tub rubbing her pussy with the jets on high blast.

She is shocked when she hears my voice, and tries to hide what she was doing.

I tell her it is alright and try to get her to open up, I convince her to take her top off and she does.

I feel her awesome tits, then try to help her into her womanhood by taking my cock out, she starts to stroke it and loves my cock, I feel and finger her tight pussy.

I have her bend over and suck my cock, and she licks and sucks her daddy’s cock like a very good girl.

Then I tell her to sit up and bend over and I slide my cock into her tight pussy and fuck her hard and deep until I cum all over her

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Explicit Sexual Content, Daddy, Daughter, Facial, Cumshots, Blow Job, Fucking, Hand Job, Masturbation, Jacuzzi, Role Play, Younger/Older

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