Student Teacher Fuck

Student Teacher Fuck

Chelsea has invited her teacher, Rock, over to her house to get better acquainted

Rock tells her that she has a nice place and he likes to get to know his students better. He asks about her life, if she’s seeing any boys, Chelsea tells him no, but that she likes someone, he tries to give her advice, but she rushes in and kisses him.

He tells her that them kissing is inappropriate, so she does it again. He keeps trying to tell her how this can’t happen, but she takes her shirt off and starts rubbing his cock through his pants.

Rock comes to the conclusion that since he is her teacher, he is responsible for teaching her, so he takes off his pants and Chelsea gets down and starts sucking his cock.

They get on the bed and he fucks her, doggy style, missionary, from the side and cowgirl.

Then he gets up and puts her on her knees and cums in her face and mouth.

Fetish Elements: Taboo, 18 Year Olds, Explicit Sexual Content, Teacher, Student, Kissing, Fucking, Facials, Cumshots, Blow Job, Role Play, Younger/Older

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