Home For The Holidays

Starring Jenny Jett and Rock

Jenny’s Mom is away at a rehabilitation clinic and she is staying with her father for the time being. She doesn’t understand what is going on with her Mom, but her Dad assures her that he will take car of her and give her ANYTHING she needs.

They cuddle up in bed and he begins to softly kiss her head, moving down to her sweet lips. Soon they are locked together and his idle hands are rubbing her tits and pussy.

He hesitates, not sure if this is right, but he gives in, he loves his daughter too much to not let it happen.

He removes her panties and eats her tight pussy as he rubs her legs and chest. He strips and lays down on the bed, he wants his daughter to suck his cock just like a big lollipop. She shoves his dick in her mouth and takes it to the back of her throat like a pro.

He wants more of her now, and decides it’s time to fuck. She gets on top and rides him reverse cowgirl as she moans with every hard thrust. He fucks her on her side looking into her innocent eyes as his balls bounce against her clit. She screams, “Daddy!” as he is nearing his limit and he pulls out of her pussy and cums all over her little mouth and face.

She’s the best daughter anyone could ever ask for!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Father, Daughter, Family, Taboo, Incest, Dick Sucking, Hand Job, Pussy Eating, Kissing, Fucking, Reverse Cowgirl, Pussy Fucking, Cumshot, Facial

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